1. When asked about…, most people say… But many other people regard…as… I personally think…
  2. When it comes to…, some people think that… Others argue that the opposite is true. There is probably some truth to both arguments, but…
  3. It is widely acknowledged that…contributed to… Experts argue that China must introduce… But I doubt whether…alone will solve the problem。
  4. An increasing number of people are joining… In reaction to the phenomenon, some say… But do they realize that…can also lead to…
  5. One of the pressing problem facing our nation (China) today is…and…
  6. Perhaps the most dangerous phenomenon gripping the nation today is…
  7. Never before in history has the issue of…been more evident than now。
  8. Perhaps it is time to reexamine the idea that…
  9. A growing number of people are beginning to realize that…is not the sole prerequisite for happiness。
  10. Years of observing human behavior has enabled me to conclude that the major difference between…and…lies solely with…
  11. There has been undesirable trend in recent years towards… A recent survey showed that…percent of respondents ranked…as their top priority, compared to…percent only a few years ago. Why do people fail to realize that…?
  12. I recently read a newspaper article on… The deplorable problem of…has aroused public concern nationwide。
  13. Judging from the reams of evidence presented, we can safely conclude that…
  14. Along with the development of…, more and more…
  15. In the past few years, there has been a sharp growth/boom/decline in…
  16. The ample evidence presented enables us to reasonably conclude that…
  17. While the rhythm/pace/tempo of people’s living is speeding up, a lot of changes have taken place in…
  18. With the fantastic spur both in industry and its economy in China, the number of…is on the rise
  19. It is commonly believed that the rise in…is the inevitable result of economic development。
  20. In recent years, China has experienced an alarming increase in…   
  1)There are three reasons for this.
  2)The reasons for this are as follows.
  3)The reason for this is obvious.
  4)The reason for this is not far to seek.
  5)The reason for this is that...
  6)We have good reason to believe that...   
  1)It has the following advantages.
  2)It does us a lot of good.
  3)It benefits us quite a lot.
  4)It is beneficial to us.
  5)It is of great benefit to us.
  1)It has more disadvantages than advantages.
  2)It does us much harm.
  3)It is harmful to us.
  1)It is important(necessary,difficult,convenient, possible)for sb.to do sth.
  2)We think it necessary to do sth.
  3)It plays an important role in our life.

  1)In short,it can be said that ...
  2)It may be briefly summed up as follows.
  3)From what has been mentioned above,we can come to the conclusion that ...
  4)...in general/above all/with the result that/as a result/consequently, ...
  5)As far as I am concerned/as for me, ...
  6)This truth above seems to be self-evident.
  7)Whether we examine the ...above, such things can happens anywhere anytime to anyone.
  8)In my point of view, I like/prefer A much more than B.
  9)I still prefer A, however, for they teach me not only to be ...but also to be... ,both in ...and in....
  10) There is no doubt that...
  11) In order to make our world a better place in which to live we should efforts to...
  12)To a large extent, ..., therefore, reflects...
  13)If all above mentioned measures are achieved, ...
  14) Wherever you are and whatever you do, ...is always meaningful.
  15)So clear/evident/obvious it is that there are quite different opinions on it.
  16)Now, which one do you prefer-----the one...or the one...? Were it left to me to select, I should not hesitated a moment to choose the former/latter.

1、 Nothing has received more praise and abuse than something
2、 There is no doubt that
3 、The reason why + 句子 ~~~ is that + 句子
4 、So + 形容词 + be + 主词 + that + 句子 (如此...以至于...)
5、 It is conceivable that + 句子
6 、Leave much to be desired
7、 The most obvious reason for this phenomenon is that
8 、A is to B what C is to D
译文:A 对于 B 就恰如 C对于 D
9 、There are probably many reasons contributing to this phenomenon
10、When it comes to …..,
11、No one can deny the fact that...
12、To be sure, the topic concerning ….. can always attract our eyes
13、Never has …. failed to fascinate us in modern society
14、Simply put,…
15、It is no overstatement to say that
16、….is a good case in point
17、 People assume different attitudes towards this issue
18、As is widely-accepted,…
19、To conclude,…
20、Nothing is further from the truth than this opinion
21、There is an element of truth in both opinions
22、Another consideration in this case is that…
23、The ever-accelerated updating of …has brought about both chances and challenges
24、 It is \was + 被强调部份 + that \ who + 原句剩余部份
25、Personally, I am in favor of the former/latter view.
26、Something be indispensable to somebody in this updating society.
27、 I am always amazed when I hear people saying that
译文:每当我听到人们说…, 我总是倍感诧异
28、It must be stressed out that
29 、I am firmly convinced that
30、A hot topic being discussed by an increasing number of people is whether...

A, 推断(inferring)
In other words          in that case              then      (or) else              otherwise
B, 替换(giving alternatives)
Alternatively           on the other hand            then again
C, 重复(restating)
In other words          that is to say               to put it simply
A, 比较/对比(contrasting)
Conversely            in comparison              in contrast to this  
Instead               nevertheless                  on the contrary
On the other hand        … whereas…               … while/whilst
B, 让步(conceding)
After all              all the same                even if  
Although/though/even though  however                still
In spite of / despite this/ that    nevertheless               nonetheless     yet
A, 排序/列举(sequencing/listing)
First of all          in the first place         to begin with         after this/that
Following this/that   afterwards             the first (reason) is
First(ly)…          after that              finally
B, 递进(reinforcing)
Also              besides                furthermore
In addition       more over              what’s more
C, 等同(equating)
In the same way      likewise…              similarly……..
Accordingly…       equally important…       not only… but(also)
D, 总结(summarizing)
In conclusion         in summary              In short           lastly
To conclude         to sum up              finally
E, 举例(referring)
For example           for instance             in particular
Particularly            such as                 that is to say
Namely               … a (good) case in point…  to illustrate
F, 结果(showing results)
As a result             consequently               hence         so
Therefore            thereby                    thus            for this reason
Leads to             cause

下文中出现的 A,B, “...”(某事物), "sb"( somebody),  要在写作中要根据上下文进行适当替换. 
When it comes to ..., some think ... 
There is a public debate today that ... 
A is a common way of ..., but is it a wise one? 
Recently the problem has been brought into focus. 
Now there is a growing awareness that... 
It is time we explore the truth of ... 
Nowhere in history has the issue been more visible. 
... but that is only part of the history. 
Another equally important aspect is ... 
A is but one of the many effects. Another is ... 
Besides, other reasons are... 
Suppose that... 
Just imagine what would be like if... 
It is reasonable to expect... 
It is not surprising that... 
For example(instance),... 
... such as A,B,C and so on (so forth) 
A good case in point is... 
A particular example for this is... 
One of the greatest early writers said ... 
"Knowledge is power", such is the remark of ... 
"......". That is how sb comment ( criticize/ praise...). 
"......". How often we hear such words like there. 
(先说故事主体),this story is not rare. 
..., such dilemma we often meet in daily life. 
..., the story still has a realistic significance. 
There are many reasons for ... 
Why .... , for one thing,... 
The answer to this problem involves many factors. 
Any discussion about this problem would inevitably involves ... 
The first reason can be obviously seen. 
Most people would agree that... 
Some people may neglect that in fact ... 
Others suggest that... 
Part of the explanation is ... 
The advantages for A for outweigh the disadvantages of... 
Although A enjoys a distinct advantage ... 
Indeed , A carries much weight than B when sth is concerned. 
A maybe ... , but it suffers from the disadvantage that... 
To understand the truth of ..., it is also important to see... 
A study of ... will make this point clear 
Certainly, B has its own advantages, such as... 
I do not deny that A has its own merits. 
From what has been discussed above, we may safely draw 
the conclusion that ... 
In summary, it is wiser ... 
In short... 

1.经济的快速发展 the rapid development of economy
  2.人民生活水平的显著提高/ 稳步增长the remarkable improvement/steady growth of people’s living standard
  3.先进的科学技术 advanced science and technology
  4.面临新的机遇和挑战 be faced with new opportunities and challenges
  5.人们普遍认为 It is commonly believed/ recognized that…
  6.社会发展的必然结果 the inevitable result of social development
  7.引起了广泛的公众关注 arouse wide public concern/ draw public attention
  8.不可否认 It is undeniable that…/ There is no denying that…
  9.热烈的讨论/ 争论 a heated discussion/ debate
  10. 有争议性的问题 a controversial issue
  11.完全不同的观点 a totally different argument
  12.一些人 …而另外一些人 … Some people… while others…
  13. 就我而言/ 就个人而言 As far as I am concerned, / Personally,
  14.就…达到绝对的一致 reach an absolute consensus on…
  15.有充分的理由支持 be supported by sound reasons
  16.双方的论点 argument on both sides
  17.发挥着日益重要的作用 play an increasingly important role in…
  18.对…必不可少 be indispensable to …
  19.正如谚语所说 As the proverb goes:
  20.…也不例外 …be no exception
  21.对…产生有利/不利的影响 exert positive/ negative effects on…
  22.利远远大于弊 the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.
  23.导致,引起 lead to/ give rise to/ contribute to/ result in
  24.复杂的社会现象 a complicated social phenomenon
  25.责任感 / 成就感 sense of responsibility/ sense of achievement
  26. 竞争与合作精神 sense of competition and cooperation
  27. 开阔眼界 widen one’s horizon/ broaden one’s vision
  28.学习知识和技能 acquire knowledge and skills
  29.经济/心理负担 financial burden / psychological burden
  30.考虑到诸多因素 take many factors into account/ consideration
  31. 从另一个角度 from another perspective
  32.做出共同努力 make joint efforts
  33. 对…有益 be beneficial / conducive to…
  34.为社会做贡献 make contributions to the society
  35.打下坚实的基础 lay a solid foundation for…
  36.综合素质 comprehensive quality
  37.无可非议 blameless / beyond reproach
  38.加大了…的可能性 increase the chances of
  39.致力于/ 投身于 be committed / devoted to…
  40. 应当承认 Admittedly,
  41.不可推卸的义务 unshakable duty
  42. 满足需求 satisfy/ meet the needs of…
  43.可靠的信息源 a reliable source of information
  44.宝贵的自然资源 valuable natural resources
  45.因特网 the Internet (一定要由冠词,字母I46.方便快捷 convenient and efficient
  47.在人类生活的方方面面 in all aspects of human life
  48.环保(的) environmental protection / environmentally friendly
  49.社会进步的体现 a symbol of society progress
  50.科技的飞速更新 the ever-accelerated updating of science and technology
  51.对这一问题持有不同态度 hold different attitudes towards this issue
  52.支持前/后种观点的人 people / those in favor of the former/ latteropinion
  53.有/ 提供如下理由/ 证据 have/ provide the following reasons/ evidence
  54.在一定程度上 to some extent/ degree / in some way
  55. 理论和实践相结合 integrate theory with practice
  56. …必然趋势 an irresistible trend of…
  57.日益激烈的社会竞争 the increasingly fierce social competition
  58.眼前利益 immediate interest/ short-term interest
  59.长远利益. interest in the long run
  60.…有其自身的优缺点 … has its merits and demerits/ advantages and disadvantages
  61.扬长避短 Exploit to the full one’s favorable conditions and avoid unfavorable ones
  62.取其精髓,去其糟粕 Take the essence and discard the dregs.
  63.对…有害 do harm to / be harmful to/ be detrimental to
  64.交流思想/ 情感/ 信息 exchange ideas/ emotions/ information
  65.跟上…的最新发展 keep pace with / catch up with/ keep abreast with
  the latest development of …
  66.采取有效措施来… take effective measures to do sth.
  67.…的健康发展 the healthy development of …
  68.有利有弊 Every coin has its two sides.(不推荐用。。。)
  No garden without weeds.
  69.对…观点因人而异 Views on …vary from person to person.
  70.重视 attach great importance to…
  71.社会地位 social status
  72.把时间和精力放在…上 focus time and energy on…
  73.扩大知识面 expand one’s scopeof knowledge
  74.身心两方面 both physically and mentally
  75.有直接/间接关系 be directly / indirectly related to…
  76. 提出折中提议 set forth a compromise proposal
  77. 可以取代 “think”的词 believe, claim, maintain, argue, insist, hold the opinion/ belief that
  78.缓解压力/ 减轻负担 relieve stress/ burden
  79.优先考虑/发展… give (top) priority to sth.
  80.与…比较 compared with…/ in comparison with
  81. 相反 in contrast / on the contrary.
  82.代替 replace/ substitute / take the place of 大写)
  83.经不起推敲 cannot bear closer analysis / cannot hold water
  84.提供就业机会 offer job opportunities
  85. 社会进步的反映 mirror of social progress
  86.毫无疑问 Undoubtedly, / There is no doubt that…
  87.增进相互了解 enhance/ promote mutual understanding
  88.充分利用 make full use of / take advantage of
  89.承受更大的工作压力 suffer from heavier work pressure
  90.保障社会的稳定和繁荣 guarantee the stability and prosperity of our society
  91.更多地强调 put more emphasis on…
  92.适应社会发展 adapt oneself to the development of society
  93.实现梦想 realize one’s dream/ make one’s dream come true
  94. 主要理由列举如下 The main reasons are listed as follows:
  95. 首先 First, Firstly, In the first place, To begin with
  96.其次 Second, Secondly, In the second place
  97. 再次 Besides,In addition, Additionally, Moreover, Furthermore
  98. 最后 Finally, Last but not the least, Above all, Lastly,
  99. 总而言之 All in all, To sum up, In summary, In a word,
  100.我们还有很长的路要走 We still have a long way to go

  How is everything going with you? I am writing to extend my heart-felt thanks to you for …(感谢)
  Thank you for your letter of February 8 informing me that I have been accepted by your college. But I must apologize to you for… (道歉)
  I am writing to inform you that ... (通知)
  I am writing to seek your assistance in… to request to(请求)
  I am writing to express my views on … (建议)
  I am writing in response to your… (回应)
  I am writing to apply for the scholarship that your department offers to students from other countries. (申请)
  I am writing to see if it is possible for you to provide me with information regarding…(咨询)
  I am writing to express my disappointment/dissatisfaction about … to complain about …(抱怨)
  I am writing to lodge a claim for the suitcase I lost on my journey to … (挂失)
  I have learned from…that you are looking for …. And I am writing to recommend …for the post.(推荐)
  补充句型:I am writing this letter for the purpose of doing sth. (较为正式)
  I am most grateful to you for your…
  I am writing this letter to express my sincere gratitude for…
  I would like to convey in this letter my heartfelt thanks for…
  I feel greatly indebted to you for ….
  I am writing to tell you how greatly I appreciate all you have done for me.
  But for your kind assistance, I would have …
  I must thank you again for your generous help.
  My thanks to you for you generous help are beyond words.
  Please accept my deepest gratitude.
  I feel really sorry to you for …
  I must apologize to you for…
  I would like to express my deepest apology/regret for not being able to …
  Had I …, I would have…
  I want you to know how badly I feel about…
  Any favorable consideration on my application/requests will be highly appreciated.
  I am looking forward to your favorable reply at your earliest convenience.

Competition is believed to strengthen the idea of equality of opportunity.
Understanding and accepting that true happiness has nothing to do with money is what is really crucial to happiness.
Health experts suggest that people in their old age should engage in both physical and mental activities as often as possible.
A contrast is often made between business, which is competitive, and government, which is monopolized.
Because business is competitive, people believe that it is more supportive of freedom than government.
Medical science has proved that donating blood is good for the donator both physically and spiritually.
A good interpersonal relationship cushions stress in a number of ways.
Uniforms are often more comfortable and more durable than civilian clothes.
As social beings, the quality of our lives depends in large measure on our interpersonal relationship.
I have fun playing games because it gives me time to be with friends, learn new things, and work as a team.
People like to say that parents are the best teachers about which I see somewhat differently.
On a personal note, I am very lucky that I have been enjoying a very good relationship with my parents.
Throughout our lives, we may have many teachers but only two parents.
Parents are likely to impose their own values and outlook towards life on their children, which may result in disagreement between parents and kids.
Nowadays food has become easier to prepare, but interestingly enough, this has not improved the way people live in a real sense.
Knowledge can be gained from books and it can also be acquired from experience.
Admittedly, knowledge gained from books is also valuable and the more the better.
However, I think that the most important knowledge is not imparted by teachers in the classroom but is gained from one’s own experience.
When we are young, parents and teachers are the most valuable source of advice.
Even as we have stepped into the society, the advice we receive from our parents and teachers is still extremely instructive and valuable.
First of all, it is futile to dwell on the past.
Second, it is also useless to worry about the future.
Third, the present moment is the only reality I know and I don’t want to miss it.
I believe in living in the present because it is futile to dwell on the past, to worry about the future, or to miss anything in the reality I know.
What existed or happened in the past may have been beautiful or exciting and may bring profound and precious memories. But the past is dead and it is not healthy for living spirits to linger over a world inhabited by ghosts.
The past must be kept in its place, outlived and outgrown.
Everyone needs a sense of history, particularly a feeling of his or her own roots, but history needs to keep its distance to be appreciated.
Do movies and television affect our behavior?
A special concern is whether movies and television make children and the society as a whole more violent.
I believe that movies and television do influence our behavior, both positively and negatively.
Movies and television do make people more violent, so the more we see violent acts on movies and television, the less sensitive we become to them.
Children may not realize that violence has consequences. Moreover, they may fail to know that some of their
acts are actually violent ones.
In movies, actors or actresses can kill or be killed again and again, for after all, they can always come
back to life and continue to act in other movies. However, in real life, a real person can live only once.
Movies and television affect our daily behaviors, making us less active.
When everything is acted out for us, our imagination stops performing its due function, which results in mental laziness.
There’s no denying that watching movies and television can also be beneficial.
For example, seeing movies can expose us to people of different races and cultures and this can help broaden our vision.
Sure, the greatest benefit we get out of watching movies is that it can reduce our stress, for this is an excellent way of entertaining ourselves.
How much movies and television influence us depends on how much we watch, what we watch and how we respond to what we watch.
Children are spending too much time on computers and too little time on study and physical exercises. This has greatly affected their study and health and is, thereby, well worth our deep concern.
I believe that those who have more experience and more skills make more contribution to social development.
Japanese consumer products are able to dominate the world market because the Japanese are hard working, technologically oriented and innovation-focused.
First of all, we know that the Japanese work very hard, often sacrificing their free time for work.
As nuclear power is far too dangerous, I hold that all countries should ban its use and concentrate, instead, on the development of such alternative sources of energy as hydroelectric power, wind power and solar energy.
Every year thousands of highly skilled and well educated people leave China and go to work or live in a developed country. This is having a negative effect on the economic development of our country, for these are the very people China needs in developing our economy.
How can we measure or define one’s social status? Some people hold that it should be based on the wealth an individual owns while others argue that one’s social status should be awarded according the contribution he or she has made to the society.
Altruism is a type of behavior. in which an animal sacrifices its own interest for that of another animal or group of animals. Altruism is the opposite of selfishness. An individual performing altruistic acts gain nothing for himself.
Examples of altruism abound, both among humans and among other mammals.
Unselfish acts among humans range from the sharing of food with strangers to the donation of body organs to family members and even to strangers.
These acts are altruistic in that they benefit others, yet provide little reward to the individuals performing them.

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