Shall We Send Children to Study Abroad?
With more and more people becoming rich in recent years, it is a new tendency for them to send their children to study abroad. But I don’t think it is a good idea. First of all, children are too young to look after themselves. Second, the language barrier is a serious problem. Many children are not proficient in the foreign language before going abroad. As a result, they have difficulty in understanding what the native speakers are talking about. Third, they may get into trouble when dealing with various situations for lack of knowledge of the customs in the strange land. Furthermore, the cost of living is much higher than that in our country, which might cause a heavy burden to the family.
In conclusion, there are more disadvantages in sending children to study abroad. So we’d better not do it.

Keep Water Clean
It is known to all of us that there is not enough water on the earth. In some parts of the world, such as in Africa, people even have not enough water to drink. They are living a hard life because of lack of water. At the same time, water is being polluted in some other countries. Many rivers, lakes and seas have been polluted by waste poured by factories. Fishes in the polluted waters are not safe to eat any longer. and some people died of diseases caused by the dirty water.
It is very important to protect water. Waste water should be cleaned before pouring into rivers and lakes. Laws should be made to prevent factories from polluting water.
We hope that everyone will protect water and keep water clean because we only have one earth.


What Makes a Good Friend?
Most people know that friendship is one of the most important things in life, whatever is your status, married or single. We human beings are social animals. Ever since we were young children, we began to stay in contact with others and started to make friends. In all our lives, we cannot live without friendship, just as we cannot live without air and water.
As people\'s age, sex, personality, hobbies and family background differ, the friends one makes are not the same. But in general, a good friend may possess the following characteristics.
First, he must cherish a positive attitude towards life, for a good friend is not anyone with whom one kills time. Instead, he is the one with whom you tackle your ups and downs. Only when one is optimistic can he present his friend a sense of confidence, which helps to make life more pleasant.
Second, as no human being is perfect, all of us have shortcomings as well as merits. To be a good friend, one has to be tolerant, accepting and forgiving, and never being hurt by unintentional offense.
Third, to be a good friend, one has to learn to share things with friends. As the proverb goes, "A friend in need is a friend indeed." One should be ready to offer his help and do whatever he could to alleviate pains and miseries of his friend. On the other hand, a good friend should also be able to share happy moments with one another without feeling jealous.
Friendship gives us a feeling of security and warmth. It encourages us to go through hardships and move ahead. So I think it is right that people value true friendship more than any material comforts.

What Can we Do to Save the Environment
The global environment can be broken down into three main elements-- land, water and air. Through our daily activities, we manage to contaminate all three different elements. If the situation continues, the damage caused by this may become irreversible.
The food we eat is prepared from crops grown with the aid of a wide range of agricultural chemicals. The chemicals may end up in our food and in the water supply. In addition, dissolved chemicals that are washed through the ground are slowly contaminating groundwater that used to be crystal clear. Fossil fuels, which provide the chief sources of energy for transport, are also a major source of air pollution, one that over the last two decades has grown enormously. Acid rain is a relatively new form of pollution. It is a by-product of atmospheric contamination. The gases that are released into the air from cars, factories and power stations, react with the atmospheric moisture to form rain that is potentially lethal to trees.
Environmental dangers are so great at present that both the governments and the citizens of the world should be well informed of the forthcoming threat to all species on this planet. Large amounts of money should be spent to try to tackle the problems and to search for better solutions.
Every one of us should do something for helping to improve the environment. If we want to enjoy the earth, and if we want our children to enjoy the earth as well, we must help.

Paying Children for Doing Chores is Not Acceptable
Some parents pay their children for doing chores at home. While I believe that it is good to help children develop a sense of independence and self-fulfillment, I doubt that such an experience of being paid would do more good than harm to their development.
It is obvious that paying children for doing anything for the family will make them become more and more materialistic. Children may get a wrong impression that everything is measured in terms of money they earn. The concept of duty and responsibility is thus neglected. Of course, they need to be encouraged to do some housework, but encouragement can be of any kind. The reward they receive, for example, could be a present they like most or a permission to play a usually restricted game.
What is more, the relationship between family members may get loose and even impersonal, if children have the idea that they are somewhat employed by their parents. Perhaps family ties will be in danger of being weakened or even destroyed. Children may eventually become ignorant of what is meant by obligation and commitment. They are no longer interested in how to care others and love people who love them. Later on, when these children become adults, they are more likely to become money-oriented and appreciate little of morality and behaviors of benevolence.
We may come to a conclusion that the practice of paying children for whatever they do for the family should be abandoned. As parents, you should encourage them to share household chores with other members of the family and let them realize that a sense of belonging to the family is more important than any reward.

My Opinion on Cheating In Exams
It is known to us all that some students cheat in exams at school.
As students we often take exams at school but sometimes we have too many exams which are too difficult for us. On the other hand some of us are lazy and don’t work hard at their lessons. So when taking exams they sometimes cheat in order to get better results to please their parents and teachers.
In my opinion it is wrong to cheat in exams because it breaks the rules of schools. We students should be honest and try to get good results by studying hard instead of cheating in exams. What’s more we should improve our study methods and get well prepared for exams.

Newspaper and Website
Newspapers have been popular for a long time but in recent years more and more people prefer to get news from the Internet.
Newspapers and websites are similar in several ways. For example they both aim at providing information to the public. Besides that advertising is an important way for both of them to make money.
In spite of the above similarities there are a few differences. Websites update their news freely. As for newspapers nothing can be changed once published. So websites offer us the latest news faster than newspapers. Furthermore newspapers have to be paid for while most websites are free. And it is on the websites that we can express ourselves and exchange ideas with others more easily.
In my opinion websites and newspaper play their own roles in our lives and they are part of our lives.

Whether It Is Good to Keep Animals in Zoos
There is a widespread concern over whether it is good to keep animals in zoos. The opinion concerning this hot topic varies from person to person. Some of my classmates think that it is good to keep animals in zoos. In their views there are three factors contributing to this attitude as follows. In the first place it provides chances for people to see the wildlife. What’s more it might also develop people’s love for animals and nature. Finally animals in zoos can be protected from dangers in the wild.
However the rest of the class hold the idea that keeping animals in zoos is a wrong choice for the following three reasons. First it is a waste of money and labor to keep animals in zoos. Second it will also damage the balance of nature. And what’s worse animals will lose their freedom if caged in zoos.
From my point of view I feel it is unwise to take animals away from their natural living areas and keep them locked up.

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